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I have always been passionate about photojournalism - telling stories through photographs.  For a number of years I have travelled abroad, taking photographs and filming in the favelas of Brazil and the migrant camps in Calais among other places.

While I still enjoy these opportunities, since having a family I have come to realise that the most important stories in my life are the everyday ones.  We stop to take pictures of the special occasions but these 'instagram' ready shots rarely reflect our real lives.  Trips to the park, chaotic family dinners and reading books at bedtime - these are my stories and the memories I want to keep.

This gave me the idea for 'a day in the life of...' photography - a whole day which I spend with your family, in whichever way you choose; getting to know you and telling your stories. 


'A day in the life of...'


"The sacred moments, the   moments of miracle are   often the everyday   moments."  


- Frederick Buechner

I realise the idea of spending a whole day with a photographer is a daunting one, but I promise to make it as relaxing and fun as I can.  Ideally if time permits I would come and meet with you at a convenient time before the shoot, to discuss what kind of things in particular you want photos of and to get to know you and your family a little. We can also explore how you want the finished photographs presented, with a range of options available.  If you want to proceed we can then arrange a session, either a day or half a day, and document a day in your life. 


If you are interested in learning more about this service please contact me and we can have a chat.


Half day: £80

Full day: £160

"Walk in the park" session: £50

(a 1 -2 hour photoshoot in an outdoor location of your choice)

Prices are for the photoshoot and 3 (7"x5") prints.  Further prints, digital copies and albums, can all be arranged, just ask! The sessions are very relaxed and all times are flexible and can be adapted to suit you and your family.

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